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Pet nutrition science
Our philosophy of nutrition
We believe that pets and people can live together better。
This is the belief that drives us to promote pet nutrition for more than eighty years and motivates more than 400 scientists (including nutritionists) to develop leading pet food in the industry so that more pets around the world can taste the food. First hand studies have led us to understand that reasonable feeding can prolong the life of dogs and dogs, which has prompted us to raise the standard of pet nutrition as a mission for the next 80 years.
Leadership in nutrition
The specialty provides nutritious pet food for more than 80 years.
Our hundreds of researchers are studying night and day to improve the quality of life of pets. Our research area is wide ranging from discovering factors that lead to pet obesity to understanding how nutrition can resist aging. These studies were published in top academic journals and shared at the veterinary conference.
We believe in results oriented nutrition
Results oriented nutrition means that we are not only looking at the labels of real pets, but in the actual pet research.
Jency Global R & D Center
1.Love for the cause of a pet
By providing a balanced nutrition and care for our pets, Nestle Prenner is committed to making pets live healthier, happier and longer. Our important duty is to create safe, palatable and nutritious products based on high standard food quality and safety standards. Most of us are pets owners. We understand and share the pet owners' love and respect for pets. At Nestle Prena, it is our most important duty to maintain the welfare of cats and dogs. We will not make any compromises or concessions.
2.Cat and cat in pet research and Development Center
Jency there are many pet R & D centers around the world. Here we can better understand the natural preferences, nutritional needs and behaviors of pets. Each pet in the center has its own name, and an experienced caregiver cares for them every day, communicating and interacting with every animal in the center. They are respected and loved here; they are trained, have fun playing, and get their favorite toys.
3.A study of the dietetics of cats
Jency we are committed to making cat favorite foods, providing comprehensive and balanced nutrition and maintaining their health. The global scientific research carried out by Gardner has led us to contribute to improving the health and welfare of cats. For the cats we studied, we followed rigorous procedures. We are never involved in any invasive research that will cause injury or disease.
Nutrition overall and balance
Do you know that the standard of commercial pet food formula is stricter than most human food standards? This is because the commercial pet food supplies all the nutrients needed for the health of the pet, so it must be properly matched in accordance with the nutrition required by the pet to provide a comprehensive and balanced nutrition. This is why pet food is often described as a "comprehensive and balanced" food.

This standard ensures that your cat and dog can get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the commercial pet food, so you don't have to feed any other food to your pet.
Nutritional needs at different stages of life
As pets grow, their nutritional needs will change. We provide different pet foods to support the needs of all stages of life from young dogs to cats.

For example, for cats older than 7, antioxidants are added to help boost immunity. Young cats need higher protein, calcium and other nutrients to make them thrive.

You can rest assured of the use of the product. Our carefully designed formula will provide a comprehensive and balanced diet for your pet to make it a healthy and happy life.
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